Control Room Change

On Monday 3 April 2017, JC Electronic Security will be using a new control room for all back to base monitored clients. An email has recently been sent out to all monitored clients on the email address attached to each client file for each monitored site. If you have not received an email, you may not be listed as the primary contact for a monitored site.

Please have a read of an understand fully the information in that email sent to you. If you need a copy sent to you and have not yet received one, please email [email protected] for information, lettings us know the site address for the monitored site and who you are so we can confirm you are authorised.

Anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2 thoughts on “Control Room Change

  1. Jeff Reply

    Please advise in relation to after hours access contact details i.e. currently we call the control room and advise if we are about to enter out of hours. I assume this number will change?

    • jcelectronics Post authorReply

      Dear Jeff,

      Yes. The Caller ID number on the email is the same number that can be used to phone the control room. Additionally, the Datasheet for each client that we are asking people to check and advise if requiring updates also has all the contact sheets updated, so if you now have login access to the webportal you should be able to download your own updated datasheet. We will also be sending out another bulk email on the same day changeover occurs to remind people of the changeover and the new number. Just keep in mind that this does not come into effect until the scheduled ate of transfer, so until then, continue to use 1300 723 154 for any contact with Grade 1.

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