Access Control & Security

Commercial Projects can often be large, require integrations between different technologies and cross-communication between different buildings both located at the same site, or networked across sites around Darwin. This presents unique challenges where using the right software and hardware can be key to a well functioning coordinated system.

For projects that require heavy integration in building access control and intruder detection, we use Inner Range Integriti Access Control Systems. Inner Range is Australian owned and operated for 30x years and is industry leading in integrated access control solutions. Whether you have a single building with two doors or an Australia wide network of offices, Integriti has a solution.

The integriti system is designed to be an all-encompassing building security platform with high-level integrations available for, but not limited to, CCTV, Lifts, Fire Systems, Building Management Systems, Visitor Management, Number Plate Recognition, Lighting & Intercoms. For a full list of all platforms Integriti can integrate with, see this link.

Where small business needs require only a handful of doors, or where a smaller system needs to be more cost effective whilst still providing easy to control user credentials, we also install Inner Range Inception systems.

Inception offers a scaled down version of Integriti designed to have user-friendly web-based control and the power that comes with Integriti Access Control equipment, whilst having fewer options for integration and expansion for those customers who need a simpler, single site system.

JC Electronic Security are qualified installers of these systems and have the knowledge and expertise to customise an integrated, end-to-end access control & intruder detection solution that’s right for your business.


Wherever large scale CCTV is required, or high level integration with building security systems is needed, our first and recommended choice is Milestone. Milestone Systems have operated for 20 years, providing open source CCTV Video Management Solutions for a wide variety of brands.

Whilst Milestone does not manufacture cameras, with their open source XProtect VMS they offer a wider array of support for existing brands and manufacturers of CCTV equipment. At last count, Milestone was compatible with over 6000 different CCTV cameras currently on the market and is now installed at over 150,000 sites worldwide. This includes, but is not limited to, cameras from well-known CCTV brands such as Dahua, HikVision, Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic, Bosch & Sony.

With a high level interface available to Integriti Access Control, Milestone will allow you to get a complete picture of security events, as and when they occur by automatically logging and cross indexing security related events with the appropriate cameras.



As one of the leading market brands for Intercom Systems, Aiphone have been providing intercom options now for over 40 years globally. Aiphone offer’s scalable systems, from single door stations and one internal station in domestic houses, 100 unit apartment complexes and multi-building commercial applications.

Aiphone also offers options in 2-wire simpler systems, which are common in apartment buildings and due to the simple cable structure, allows for almost universal replacement of other existing systems where an older intercom system has passed it’s use-by date.

For Apartment Buildings, the Aiphone GT System has highly customizable door stations, in both audio and video options, along with a selection of different internal stations to meet our clients’ needs, whether that be an audio phone style handset or the latest in large touch screen video operation.

The GT System also provides support for concierge stations, door & lift control and in most cases is existing cable compatible for buildings that have an intercom system needing an upgrade.

For new buildings, where additional features are required, or for large businesses that instead of units, may need an inter-desk intercom system spread through many offices, Aiphone’s IX series IP based intercoms have a solution. This IP based system allows for intercoms to run on the existing internal LAN network and as a result, can be added on both new and existing buildings with little difficulty.

The Aiphone IX series is also capable of high level integration with the Integriti Access Control system allowing it to provide full integration and cross control with a building management system running Integriti for security.