Job opportunities at JC Electronic Security fluxuate throughout the year and depending on the level of work on offer in the local community. We regularly need assistances for cable running & installations as well as technicians in training for some of the more complicated aspects of the work.

If you are currently looking for work, are looking for additional work to fill in gaps or are wanting to start a career as a security technician, please fill in the below form for us to keep on our records.

Anytime a position opens, these submissiong will be looked at first before the position itself is advertised to Seek. Please keep in mind that as you may submit an application at any time, we will only respond to an application if we are actively looking for a new worker.

As a security company that enters homes and businesses, we require a criminal history check for safety of clients and for complying with requirements of contractors. You will need to agree to a Criminal History Check as part of our employment process. You must select yes in this box to agree for a history check to be performed if your application results in a letter of offer.
We regularly enter schools and related locations that require an NT Ochre Card clearance. A letter of offer is not contingent on having a current clearance, but you will be required to obtain this clearance as part of accepting any job offer.
If you would like to submit a cover letter, please upload it here.
If you would like to upload a copy of your Resume or CV, please do so here.
If you do not have a CV/Resume, or Cover Letter, or have any additional comments, please use this box for any additional information you would like to provide.