We currently send out reminders to as many clients as possible twice a year as a general reminder to have your system serviced. If, however, you would like to set a reminder for a specific date, which can then be set to recur at the same period, you can use the form below and submit your details and select the date you would like reminders to start and the period to recur. Your email will then be removed from the general service reminder list.

When the reminder date comes around, you will receive a reminder email for a service, which will also be sent to our office so that we can follow up with you and try to book in as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limitations in the mass email system to prevent spam, you can only fill in this form once per email address. This means that if you would like separate reminders for different locations, you would need to submit a different email address for each site. Instead, we recommend that if you manage more than one site that requires a service, that you put the address of the primary location and mark the box that you would like multiple sites serviced. When the time comes to arrange the service, we will then confirm all locations that need servicing.

This will also help to align servicing across all your sites for easier tracking.

Tick this box if you require more than one site to be serviced. This form will only allow submission of one adress to each email address.
Select 0 months if you would only like to be reminded once. Note that if this option is selected, you will need to submit this form again in future to set up another reminder.