Dahua Technology is a brand of CCTV equipment that design, manufacturers and supplies their own camera technology for the CCTV industry worldwide. Dahua provides CCTV equipment in over 180 countries worldwide and is currently ranked 2nd largest surveillance company in the world.

Much of the success of the Dahua product comes from a broad range of camera types, capabilities and price points that allow for justa bout any scenario to be covered by an appropriate camera, and for situations where additional security requirements are concerned, Dahua will usually have options available to cover them.

HDCVI – High Definition Video over Analogue Cable

One of the difficulties with existing camera systems, especially those that are a few years old, is that most of the time these systems are older analogue technology that use cabling similar to the one connecting a Foxtel antenna to the IQ Box.

These analogue cameras worked ok, but are now in almost all cases obsolete. The emergence of IP based cameras, along with the additional features, clarity of images and reduction in costs over the last few years has made IP cameras the default choice for all new installations.

Unfortunately, where there is an existing installation, this presents a problem. IP Based cameras use networking cable and do not operate on Coaxial analogue cable. The simplest solution would be to replace all the existing cable with networking cable, however, this option can be very costly.

Instead, Dahua’s HDCVI range of equipment are designed to allow for IP equivalent camera resolutions and clarity, along with some additional options normally reserved for IP cameras, whilst still using the existing analogue cable.

With the HDCVI recorder being backwards compatible with standard analogue, this means that the recorder can be upgraded “in place” of the existing recorder with no additional work necessary for the existing cameras to continue to function whilst allowing options to upgrade or replace any existing cameras that may no longer be working, with HDCVI cameras for significantly increased image clarity at a lower cost than a full replacement.

Existing analogue cameras can then be replaced as they fail with HDCVI, or a full upgrade can be done by replacing all analogue cameras with HDCVI cameras when the machine is replaced. By removing the costs of replacing all cables, this can potentially save thousands of dollars in cabling replacement and installation costs whilst still resulting in IP equivalent images.