Security Alarms in the home are often overlooked, both in purchasing new properties and building new ones. It is, more often than not, one of the last things people think about and unfortunately, often is only thought about after a break and enter occurs instead of before.

It is important that a home security system is both cost effective and reliable. Electronic Security Systems are only valuable and useful if system will operate continuously and for an extended period of time in our Top End’s climate conditions and is built to last.

JC Electronic Security has been installing the MCM Iris 8 & Icon 16 alarm systems in homes and small businesses for 18 years in the Territory and this system has proven time and again to be reliable in the Top End despite some of the unique challenges we face.

The Iris 8 and Icon 16 systems forgo more advanced features often offered by newer alarm arrivals, with the simple, inexpensive design key to the long-term reliability of the panel. While it is normal for the home user to desire the most stylish alarm panel, with the most comprehensive features, JC Electronic Security prioritises the continued function and reliability of the system as paramount as the most beautiful alarm system will still be useless if it does not work properly.

While this system itself does not have many additional features, monitoring options can add some additional features such as mobile arming/disarming or push notifications on alarms and events.

For a no cost, no obligation quote for a home security security system, please click the below link to fill in a request form and we will contact you at the earliest opportunity. Additionally, if you have recently been broken into and would like a security option urgently, feel free to ring our main contact number during business hours to arrange a quote ASAP.

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