Home Security

Security in the home is becoming more and more of a necessity in the current climate. It is also important, that a home security system is both cost effective and reliable. Electronic Security Systems are only valuable and useful if both the sensors work in the Top End’s climate confitions and where the security control panel is built to last.

JC Electronic Security has been installing the MCM Iris 8 & Icon 16 alarm systems in homes and small businesses for 18 years in the Territory and this system has proven time and again to be reliable in the Top End despite some of the unique challenges we face.

The Iris 8 and Icon 16 systems forgo more advanced features often offered by newer alarm arrivals, with the simple, inexpensive design key to the long-term reliability of the panel. While it is normal for the home user to desire the most stylish alarm panel, with the most comprehensive features, JC Electronic Security prioritises the continued function and reliability of the system as paramount as the most beautiful alarm system will still be useless if it does not work properly.

While this system itself does not have many additional features, monitoring options can add some additional features such as mobile arming/disarming or push notifications on alarms and events.


All JC Electronic Security alarm systems have the option to have the security system monitored. This can be monitored by the client personally, or a 24/7 control room that will record all events and take actions in accordance with our client’s instructions.

Our 24/7 control room is Alarmnet Monitoring and thier professional services will ensure that any events, be it alarms, trouble signals or even a failure in communications will be responded to as soon as possible and will also liaise with JC Electronic Security to repair or respond to any issues.

When coupled with a wireless 3G/4G Communicator, our client’s have the option of monitoring the security system personally via a mobile app. The app can be used to remotely arm or disarm the alarm system and can be used, with a monthly fee, to receive alerts and notifications from the alarm system directly.

Options for monitoring will be discussed when quoting any security installation, however, if you have an existing security system that does not have monitoring, or would be interested in setting up mobile alerts or control, JC Electronic Security staff will be happy to assist.



Home CCTV systems are generally not as effective in deterring would be thieves than an active security system. However, if you are looking for a system to compliment a security system, or have a specific situation where you would like to monitor areas around the home, JC Electronic Security use the Dahua branded camera systems.

We have supply & installed over 700 Dahua cameras in the NT region with few warranty issues. From a selection of hundreds of camera options, we have tested and adhered to good quality cameras that balance cost and quality to give the best possible picture all while not breaking the bank on budget.

The recorders come with easy to setup remote access that just need an internet connection onsite, and we can re-use a TV or existing monitor for easy access to recordings and footage, or if you just want to keep an eye on what is happening.